Hanna Frank

A Parent’s Story of a Great Teacher

A great teacher has the potential to change the lives of not only children, but families as well. A thankful parent, Gina Tovar,  speaks of the lasting impact one such teacher had on her child. Gina tells the story of how Steve Sanders, a high school band techer and previous winner of TNTP’s Fishman Prize, used the power of music to inspire her son, influencing his learning over the course of four years. But Mr. Sanders didn't just impact the life of Gina's son. He left a mark on hers as well.
One day towards the end of his senior year, Mr. Sanders and I were discussing my son’s improvements in attitude. He reached into his desk and pulled out a picture of my son from his freshman year. We both stared at the picture and Mr. Sanders made a comment about how proud he was to watch my son grow from a chunky young boy into a nice, respectful young man who was going to do something with his life. As a parent, that was amazing to hear. I left through the back door of the school that day because I was crying so much. Being a single mother, I can say it’s been very hard to find a good man to have in my son’s life. But right then and there I realized Mr. Sanders was the positive influence my son needed. He was a role model.
Hanna Grace Frank
Hanna Frank was Education Post’s Social Media Manager and before that she worked with Organizing For Action, a non-profit organization that advocates for President Barack Obama’s political agenda. She wrote and edited content for the organization’s various social media platforms, including the official Barack Obama Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as BarackObama.com. Hanna attended Illinois ...

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