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New York City

Only Nine Blocks But Still Worlds Apart

Patrick Wall at Chalkbeat New York takes up the hot issue of school integration in a piece about a proposal to rezone boundaries for PS 191 and PS 199 in New York City. While PS 199 is a high performing school whose PTO raised $800,000 last year and serves a largely affluent (and white) population, PS 191 is a school whose parent organization was able to raise $24,000 and whose current designation by the state is "persistently dangerous". Parents currently zoned for PS 199 are crying foul, saying they prefer an overcrowded school to being rezoned and that if they're forced to move, they'll leave the public school system.
“People would rather have overcrowding at 199 than send their kid to 191,” said Vivian Chen, the parent of a 199 kindergartener whose building would be rezoned for 452. “You don’t move to this kind of neighborhood for that.”

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