Arne Duncan

No One Will Miss Arne as Much as #EduTwitter Will Miss Arne

Last week, to the disappointment of many (and surely the glee of a select few), President Obama’s longest-standing cabinet member, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, announced that he will be leaving his position in December. Current Deputy Secretary John King will assume the position. True to form, the education nerds of Twitter reacted to the news by thanking Duncan for his dedication to students. Below are a few of my personal favorites, including, of course, The Onion. https://twitter.com/educationweek/status/650098328911265792 https://twitter.com/FiftyCAN/status/650036929577254912 https://twitter.com/NedStanley/status/650003871088046080 https://twitter.com/alexanderrusso/status/650048199424638976 https://twitter.com/ks44/status/650038690866167809 https://twitter.com/USDA/status/650036879170109440 https://twitter.com/EDPressSec/status/650043755848974336

Some Love for John King

And of course, a few shout-outs for his upcoming successor: https://twitter.com/k_huff1/status/650036610755465216 https://twitter.com/motokorich/status/650036600873725952 https://twitter.com/rickhess99/status/649993617348632576

What's Next?

Finally, Conor Williams from The 74 had a suggestion for what Duncan might consider doing next: https://twitter.com/ConorPWilliams/status/650002140124086272
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