Laura Waters

Setting NJ’s ‘Daily Record’ Straight on PARCC and Common Core

We at Education Post like to use our Red Pen Page to call out people or publications when they don’t get it right. But sometimes it takes a lot more than a red pen to correct something as egregious as yesterday’s editorial from New Jersey’s Daily Record. Laura Waters, from NJ Left Behind, takes the paper to task in a piece that outlines the number of ways the editorial got it wrong on testing, standards and more.
Any reader would conclude that The Daily Record Editorial Board advocates continued use of a widely-maligned high school assessment in order to maintain high graduation rates, and that those who believe that students will benefit from higher expectations have fallen under the spell of the evil Christie-ites intent on destroying public education. I don't really think this reflects The Record Editorial Board's philosophy; the paper has a long history of good education reporting. So let's just hope the Board had a bad day.
Laura Waters
Laura Waters is the founder and managing editor of New Jersey Education Report, formerly a senior writer/editor with brightbeam. Laura writes about New Jersey and New York education policy and politics. As the daughter of New York City educators and parent of a son with special needs, she writes frequently about the need to listen to families and ensure access to good public school options for ...

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