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Charter Schools

New Study Shows KIPP Still Delivers Despite Rapid Expansion

The KIPP charter network has followed an “ethical and moral mandate” to rapidly expand its model of getting results for low-income urban youth, and the final piece of an eight-year Mathematica study reveals that, despite this accelerated growth, KIPP campuses across the nation are continuing to increase test scores at every grade level. The Houston Chronicle’s Jennifer Radcliffe and Fauzeya Rahman have the story:
"We're not aiming at the moon. We want to land on Mars," he said. "We want to get to 80 percent. That's what top-(economic) quartile kids are doing." Feinberg said he'd like to see students at new schools show improved performance faster, but he cautioned that building schools is a long-term effort. "For us, this has never been a sprint. This is about making and keeping sacred promises to children's families," he said. "Growth is hard, and I'm glad we were able to keep the promises, no matter the year."

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