New Jersey

New Jersey Website and Videos Explain Common Core

A well-designed new website will help New Jersey parents understand what the Common Core State Standards are and how the state is going to roll them out. JerseyCAN launched the site with video interviews of teachers and principals supporting the state’s move to higher standards and explaining how the Common Core will help improve teaching and learning in their schools. More than 40 states around the country have been working for several years to roll out Common Core. However, many of these efforts have been largely behind the scenes in the work of district-level administrators and teacher professional development sessions. As students continue to see more and more of their schoolwork and tests reflect the Common Core, we need more websites like this to inform parents of the challenging and meaningful work our educators are doing to establish and teach to these standards.  
J. Gordon Wright
Gordon has been at brightbeam since its founding in 2014 as Education Post. He is currently the Chief Program Officer, owning the oversight of all brightbeam platforms, including editorial content and digital activism. Previously, he served as Communications Director for Future Is Now, a nonprofit that ...

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