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Charter Schools

Mom and Education Journalist Tells Hillary about her Disabled Son who was Pushed out of District School and Embraced by a Charter

Beth Hawkins, education writer for decades and current Writer in Residence at Education Post, has penned a powerful rebuttal to Hillary Clinton's recent comments about charter schools. As the mother of a child with special needs, she relates her own journey which includes what she considers to have been a push out by a district school and an embrace by a charter school. She further proves the point that Hillary's politically calculated statements are totally disconnected from what is really happening to regular Americans.
It was the first time the call was about playing to his strengths. It was the first time I was called on as the expert on my own child.
Beth Hawkins is a writer at The 74, and formerly was a writer-in-residence at Education Post. Previously she wrote for Learning Curve, a blog about education for MinnPost, where she also covered a variety of other public policy topics. She loves writing for an audience that’s hungry for context and analysis and willing to indulge her many curiosities. Hawkins is the recipient of numerous ...

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