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Charter Schools

Mainstream Media Decides Not to Tell the Whole Story or Fact Check Hit Piece on Charters

Eric Owens at The Seventy Four calls out media outlets for running with a totally biased anti charter report produced by The Center for Media and Democracy, an outfit that is partially funded by Teachers' Unions; adding insult to injury, the report is also riddled with factual errors. Lucky for us, Owens corrects the record and calls on the media outlets who ran with the story to take action to perhaps undo the damage of their failure to fact check the report.
Several big-name newspapers dutifully printed the report’s findings and arguments for local readers, but none of them seemingly scrutinized the center’s bolder assertions, which later required corrections, and not one acknowledged the group's union funders — misrepresenting the report as an unbiased set of facts about America's charter schools.

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