Lacking Reason on Common Core

A recent piece in Reason.com revealed very little reason when it came to getting the facts straight about Common Core.
Republicans have retaken control of Congress on a promise to reverse President Barack Obama's failed policies. They should start by honing in on an initiative now synonymous with federal overreach and creeping nationalization of local education matters: the new Common Core national curriculum For the umpteenth time, Common Core is not a curriculum, nor was it created by the national government. standards, which give parents everywhere nightmares about their kids' trendy, incomprehensible math homework assignments.… Unfortunately, the Obama administration liked the idea [of the Common Core] so much that it began awarding significant perks to Core-aligned states. Signing on to Common Core meant a waiver from onerous federal No Child Left Behind (NCLB) requirements and a chance at Race to the Top grant money. Not true. Just ask the folks in California, Iowa and North Dakota. Meanwhile Virginia, Texas, Indiana secured waivers without adopting the Core. After being offered what were essentially lucrative bribes Bribes? What about those 13 states that adopted Common Core after they knew they hadn’t won Race to the Top?, some 45 states signed onto Common Core between 2010 and 2012.

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