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Knocking Out Those Start-of-the-Year Teacher Vacancies: Lessons From Tulsa Public Schools

Grace Tan at TNTP describes some incredible efforts by the team at Tulsa Public Schools to address perennial teacher hiring shortfalls. Improving a system's teacher pipeline is difficult, but critical work, and Superintendent Deborah Gist made it one of her first priorities. The results in the first year have been impressive:
TPS made critical improvements to their hiring process to improve its overall efficiency. They switched to a new applicant tracking system that resulted in a much more user friendly system for applicants, school leaders, and administrative staff. They also set up infrastructure for centralized hiring so that high-priority candidates were hired into a pool (without specific school assignments) before they could receive offers from other districts. Once they were hired, these top candidates were able to interview with district principals to find the best match. As a result, principal satisfaction with both the quantity and quality of applicants has doubled from where it was a year ago.
Deborah Gist is the superintendent of Tulsa Public Schools. She runs the district so Tulsa children, family and teachers can find opportunities to make a difference. She started her career in education as an elementary school teacher for several years, eventually moving into administration.

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