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Teacher Voice

An Assistant Principal Wonders If She Has Crossed Over to the ‘Dark Side’

Shervette Williams is a 14-year veteran teacher in Atlanta who just became Assistant Principal or, in her words, crossed over to the dark side. She has decided to chronicle her experience in a blog entitled,  From Rebellious Teacher to Assistant Principal…Wh-What?!?!
I never wanted to be an administrator. In fact, my motto as a rebellious teacher had been: “You cain’t (yes, cain’t, you read right) BE The Man and be AGAINST The Man at the same time.”  As a teacher, school administrators were on The Dark Side. They didn’t understand teachers; they forgot what it was like in the trenches; they could pee and go to lunch when they wanted; and their bloated salaries were bankrupting us all. So, how did I get here? With all of the negative things I thought about school administrators, how did I now become one?

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