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Charter Schools

How to Clean Up the Charter Sector: When It Comes to Low-Performing Charters, Start Naming Names and Taking Action

Richard Whitmire speaks the truth regarding low-performing charter schools: not only are they bad for students and families, but they also stand in the way of advocating for more charters and other reforms. Over at The74, he provides a 5-point list on how to clean up a weak sector, and concludes with some sage advice:
Bottom line: Enough with the feel-good press releases from charter advocates about closing bad charters. Start taking action. Start naming names. It’s the only breakthrough route for expanding top charters.
Richard Whitmire is the author of several education books; most recently, "On the Rocketship: How Top Charter Schools are Pushing the Envelope." Whitmire is a member of the Journalism Advisory Board of The 74.

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