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Charter Schools

Hillary's got a New Dance and It's Called 'The Flop' (as in 'flip')

Fran Spero of Education Safari takes on Hillary Clinton for what she calls "flopping" on Charter Schools. Like many, Spero is disappointed by what appears to be a choice to put union pressure above America's students and families.
I like Hillary Clinton because she’s a bit of both conservative “country” and progressive “rock and roll.” But there is one issue that is extremely important to me, an issue that where I fear Hillary Clinton will not be progressive if she is elected president – the right to school choice.
It is true that in the past, Clinton has spoken out in favor of school choice:
Fran Spero is a mother to two boys, ages 7 and 10 in second and sixth grade. She lives in a semi-rural area in northern California, just south of Lake Tahoe.

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