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The Atlantic

Hey Atlantic, Accuracy Matters Too

Anne Quito reports on design, not education, so perhaps it’s understandable that she’s not up to speed on the origin and implementation of the Common Core. Still, we’d hope that somewhere in The Atlantic’s editing and fact-checking process on her recent paean to penmanship, Why Cursive Mattered, someone would have pointed out this totally false premise in her introduction:
Since the U.S. Department of Education dropped cursive writing from standard national curricula in 2011, the debate on the value of learning penmanship has raged. Are we talking about the Common Core? Because the federal govt didn’t draft it, and it’s a set of standards, not a curriculum. (Also it was finalized in 2010.) Some argue that the skill is obsolete, akin to learning how to use an abacus in the age of supercomputers.

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