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No one else in my school has ever taken a dual-credit class. I wanted to set the example and be one of the first students at Austin Polytechnical Academy to take one. I also wanted to break some personal barriers. Applying for the manufacturing technology dual-credit class wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. We had to take the reading, writing and math Compass test, which were a lot easier than I thought they would be. In order to get everything done, we also had to take a few trips to Daley College. The Manufacturing Connect office, especially Ms. Barnett,  was very patient with us, which is why I believe some of us passed. Their positivity lifted us, and gave us the energy and confidence to do well on those tests. The only time I found the program hard was when we took the certification tests. I failed all of them on my first try and the experience motivated me to study really hard. I tried again and passed every certification tests with flying colors. During the whole registration process for the manufacturing technology dual-credit class, I was actually in the process of moving and transferring schools. The entire Manufacturing Connect office went above and beyond to convince me into staying at Austin. When I received my Dual Enrollment college identification card, my vision became crystal clear that Austin was where I needed to be. It’s rare to be a junior, receiving college credit and have an entire school that cares for you and wants you to succeed. I commute for 90 minutes to and from school every day to go to school at Austin because you’re not going to find another high school in Chicago that focuses on engineering and manufacturing. My main aspiration is to become a successful electrical engineer. Another personal aspiration is to become a chief executive officer and founder of a record label and clothing line. I have several aspirations in a lot of different career fields because I don’t want to limit myself in life. I refuse to box myself in when I know I have other talents that I love, and in which I’m capable of becoming successful.  
Jervon Adams, Jr., 17, is a rising senior at Austin Polytechnical Academy High School in Chicago, Illinois.
Jervon Adams
Jervon Adams, Jr., 17, is a rising senior at Austin Polytechnical Academy High School in Chicago, Illinois. He is currently completing his summer internship at AECOM. He will star in a documentary titled “A Better Mind” releasing later this year.

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