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Erika Sanzi

Former Teacher and Union Member Cries Foul over E4E's position on Friedrichs v CTA

Erika Sanzi, frequent contributor to EdPost and blogger at Good School Hunting, is deeply disappointed in the decision by Educators For Excellence to stand with the unions and against the plaintiffs in the case before the United States Supreme Court today. She reveals that despite her admiration for E4E, her experience as a union member and school committee member make it impossible for her to support their position on the case. Sanzi's is one of many perspectives on #Friedrichs that is worthy of consideration as people figure out what they believe about this very complex case.
 Coercing people to be members of a union doesn’t only fly in the face of democracy but it also suggests that union leadership is well aware that they aren’t serving their members as well as they could be. If they were, they wouldn’t have to force them to join or force them to pay.

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