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Common Core State Standards (CCSS)

A False Petition Against Common Core

A new group crusading against the Common Core State Standards aims “to support and nourish the successful efforts of anti-Common Core citizen activists.” Too bad this nourishment seems to come in the form of a heap of spurious and misleading information, flouting evidence. Let’s just start with the petition on their homepage.
Petition to Stop the Common Core The Common Core standards are an inferior set of standards which negatively impact teacher evaluations, school accountability measures, instructional techniques, curriculum, funding, interventions for low-performing schools, and college entrance tests. They’re anything but inferior—they were matched up to the best state standards and international benchmarks from the beginning. As the ability of states to influence education policy diminishes under Common Core, so does that of individual parents and teachers. The Common Core Initiative must be ended to restore the authority over education to those closest to the child. False. Nothing has changed in the ability of states to choose their own standards. The Common Core initiative violates children's privacy by allowing the federal government to access personally identifiable data collected through the Common Core-aligned assessments. Blatantly false. Nothing has changed in how states handle student data—and the feds only see anonymous data. The Common Core State Standards and aligned assessments will further exasperate children and teachers by doubling down on a high-stakes testing culture. What's exasperating is sifting through so much MISINFORMATION from faulty petitions like this.

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