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blended learning

Facebook Technology Team Shares Expertise with Classroom Teachers

Nichole Dobo writes in The Hechinger Report about the collaboration around blended learning happening between Summit Public Schools, Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, and 19 schools from around the country. Teachers created a prototype of a new tool that allows for customization of each day for each student and now it is being shared far and wide.
Today, the Summit-Facebook partnership announced the 19 schools from around the country that have been chosen for this larger pilot. They represent traditional public schools and charter schools, spanning rural, urban and suburban communities. “We want to be able to share everything we are doing, and we are trying to figure out the best we to do that,” said Diane Tavenner, CEO and founder of Summit Public Schools. “The first step was to find a pretty small set of folks who are really excited about personalized learning. The thought here is we can provide them with the tools to do the work they really want to do.” The program, which will be free to the partner schools, streamlines the process of creating individual learning paths to fit the academic, social and emotional needs of students. It serves as a digital warehouse of sorts.

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