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Achievement Gap

Dropout Nation Takes on the Reductive Poverty Narrative

To put it plainly, there are many, many folks who are eager to blame all of education's problems on poverty. These same people also argue that it isn't possible to improve educational outcomes until poverty is "fixed." Dropout Nation doesn't accept that premise.
We can conclude from the NAEP study of school composition and educational achievement that expanding opportunities for Black children would help all children. We can surmise that a focus of resources on schools with enrollments over 60 percent Black would be an efficient way to raise the achievement of African American students as well as of the non-Black students attending them. From the further analysis of NAEP and Census data above, focusing on transforming education for Black children would even increase the educational achievement level of lower-income children in general. Two questions come from all of this. Why is this so difficult for policy makers and responsible officials to understand? And why do so many commentators and others fail to realize this, too. We can hazard a guess – and sadly, it would also be the truth.

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