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Don't Forget The Main Reason For Supporting Pre-K: It's Good For Kids

Sara Mead, Bellwether Education Partner's expert on early childhood education policy, reminds us about the benefits of pre-k programs that go beyond future savings. For Sara, it's not that pre-k won't pay for itself in the long-run - it likely will. Rather, it's that there are other benefits we shouldn't overlook:
I’m concerned, however, that arguments that “pre-k pays for itself” send a troubling message that pre-k merits public funding only if it generates savings to taxpayers and government that outweigh the costs of pre-k investments. Savings to government are not the primary reason for investing in pre-k. They’re a side benefit. The reason to invest in pre-k is because it benefits children–both in the near term, through improving the quality of care and learning they experience today, and in the long-term, by improving their educational and life outcomes–and that these benefits advance both our national economic competitiveness and equity for disadvantaged youngsters.

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