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Derrell Bradford: In Attacking Success Academy By Linking It With Classroom Abuse, Randi Weingarten Crossed A Line

NYCAN Executive Director and Success Academy Board member Derrell Bradford offers a stinging rebuke of Randi Weingarten's recent op-ed on school discipline in which she compared the incident of abuse of a student in South Carolina and the school discipline policies at Success Academy as being part of the same issue. Derrell does not mince words, powerfully arguing that race and defense of a broken system are at play in Weingarten's attacks on Success:
Comparing what happened in that classroom to anything happening at Success Academy is an act of self-serving lunacy. Indeed, the comparison itself is so epically off point that being able to offer it without laughing out loud — or feeling complete shame — says less about the faulty comparison than it does about the broken moral and social compass of the person saying it.
Derrell Bradford
Derrell Bradford is the executive director of NYCAN: The New York Campaign for Achievement Now and leads the Corps Knowledge project. He lives in the New York City metro area.

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