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Charter Schools

Creating a ‘Prison-to-School’ Pipeline

Education Secretary Arne Duncan recently drew attention to the obstacle that juvenile incarceration poses to preparing a 21st-century workforce, and this prompted journalist Mark Guarino to look at what is actually going on in our nation’s prisons when it comes to educating our youth.
The most extreme example of education reform in prison is the Five Keys Charter School in San Francisco, the only charter school in the U.S. that is solely operated inside a county jail.… According to the San Francisco Sheriff Department, which operates the charter, about 25 percent of the city’s jail population takes advantage of the program and more than 9,000 students were served across the network in 2014. To date, Five Keys has awarded about 800 GEDs and certificates of completion and the program has expanded to the Los Angeles County jail system.
Arne Duncan
Arne Duncan served as U.S. secretary of education from 2009-2016. He is currently a managing partner at Emerson Collective, where he leads a comprehensive effort to improve opportunities for young people in urban areas. With Chicago CRED, Duncan and Emerson Collective are first focusing on Chicago residents between the ages of 17 and ...

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