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Common Core Is Not Against Recess, It’s Against Low Standards

First, a spot on NBC’s TODAY show claims that Common Core is a threat to recess, and the next thing you know other news outlets pick up the story. Here’s the thing: Neither the Common Core State Standards nor the aligned assessments advocate for canceling recess. Play and physical activity are essential parts of a child’s day. But managing the school day can be tough, and frankly it’s presented challenges for school leaders for years, well before Common Core. Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop news outlets like TV station WREG in Memphis from latching on to the story and perpetuating this misconception, along with several others:
Teachers are spending more time preparing students for Common Core exams. Some exams are intended to align with the standards, but there are no “Common Core exams.” “Studying is alright, but you still need activity to relax,” Adrian Williams, who has a child in pre-k, said. Common Core has not been rolled out in Tennessee yet, but the curriculum will soon hit classrooms. 1) Wrong. Common Core was adopted by Tennessee in 2010 and rolled out over 2 years ago.2) All together now: Common Core is a set of STANDARDS, not a curriculum. Williams hopes her daughter’s recess time does not get cut. “It don’t make any sense to cut that out for nothing,” Williams said.

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