Special Education

Common Core Makes My Job Easier

"Some of my students that are highest performing are special needs kids, and they are able to rise to whatever level you give them." - Yianello Blanco, Queens, N Many people don't expect special needs students to excel in school, but with new standards that require teachers to push critical thinking and engage students more in the process of learning, these unexpected results are becoming more and more familiar. Yinello Blanco, a teacher in Queens, New York, says it best:
The Common Core is a lot more inquiry-based... That makes it easier to teach to students that have diverse needs. If anything, it makes my job easier.
The America Achieves Fellowship is committed to helping great teachers and principals share what's happening in their schools with parents and the public. If you ever want to talk to a teacher to learn how education policies play out in the classroom, let me know at charlie.cummings@americaachieves.org. We'd love to help!
Charlie is the Program Director for State Fellowships at America Achieves, where he has led the creation of teacher leadership programs in Colorado, Michigan and New York.
Charlie Cummings
Charlie Cummings is the senior director of the America Achieves Fellowship for Teachers and Principals and the founding partner of Educator Voice Strategies. His career began as a fifth-grade teacher in St. Louis, where he started an after-school sports club to teach students how to play ...

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