Hanna Frank

Common Core Helps North Dakota Students Dive Deeper into Reading

North Dakota isn’t the place that tends to dominate the political battles and debate around Common Core implementation. But a recent report in The Bismarck Tribune highlighted how some North Dakota English teachers are making the more demanding standards work in their classroom. Amanda Peterson, an English teacher at Bismarck High School, said the new framework is helping her students relate to non-fiction work in a whole new way.
"Being able to make connections between the text and between real life and the news and the world around them and seeing how those patterns have continued over time is something I find incredibly important and valuable."
Meagan Sharp, a middle school English teacher in Bismarck, is seeing her students read more books and in more meaningful ways.
"The connections that they make between the characters is deeper than I have ever seen since I started teaching."
Students are no longer just reading a book from cover to cover. They’re absorbing, relating to and thinking critically about every story. I’m not sure that will occupy the headlines, but it’s something we can get excited about.

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