Colorado Lt. Gov. Says Stay the Course on Standards, Assessments, Evaluations

Speaking to a crowd of about 1000 educators on Friday, Colorado Lt. Gov. Joe Garcia made a forceful case for standing tall in the face of pushback and forging ahead with the education reform efforts the state launched six years ago. Todd Engdahl of Chalkbeat Colorado reported:
“We came together as a state in 2008” to pass the Colorado Achievement Plan for Kids. “That didn’t come from the feds, that came from all of us.” Known as CAP4K, the legislation set in motion new standards and tests plus other requirements. “It’s scary, it’s tough, but we can’t back down six years later,” Garcia said. “We know we can’t stray from the path of high standards, rigorous assessments and educator effectiveness. …We can come up with practical solutions to these conflicts. We have to, we must.”
Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper was narrowly re-elected to a second term in November, but Republicans gained control of the Colorado Senate and are expected to mount challenges to the Common Core in the upcoming legislative session. Garcia said a retreat on the Colorado Achievement Plan for Kids would stall the progress the state has made in recent years.
“We need to agree to stay the course,” he added. “We know we’re making dramatic changes; we know it’s hard. If we back off now we risk, quite frankly, creating vast ripples of inequality and inequity in our education system.”
Michael Vaughn
Michael Vaughn was the founding Communications Director of Education Post. Prior to that, Mike worked for 18 years in the communications offices of two urban school districts. He served in a variety of communications roles for the Chicago Public Schools starting in 1996, shortly after Mayor Richard M. Daley took control of CPS, and eventually served as the district's Communications Director until ...

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