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Implicit bias

Rishawn Biddle Says Clockmaker's Arrest Is a Wake-Up Call on the School-to-Prison Pipeline

Rishawn Biddle takes on school discipline following the arrest of a Muslim student in Texas for making a clock, and argues that this is precisely the problem with overly harsh school discipline that not only doesn't work but often damages kids' futures. By referring so many students to law enforcement, schools end up being complicit in perpetuating the school-to-prison pipeline.
School discipline as practiced by both traditional districts and far too many charter schools, damages the futures of children.… What has also been clear, thanks to data, is that the overuse of harsh school discipline doesn’t improve school cultures or even help children learn. If anything, the worst-performing schools and districts are the ones that mete out such penalties the most. This shouldn’t be a surprise. High levels of suspensions, seclusions, and restraints are both a sign of the failures of adults within school systems to address underlying learning issues such as literacy as well as a signal that teachers and school leaders have little empathy or concern for the children in their care.

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