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Cereal Break: South Lakewood Elementary First-Grader Logan on Missing Ms. Graeve, Desks in the Big Time and Speed Worksheet-ing

Now that we’re past Labor Day, everybody’s back in school. We all remember the feelings of going back to school. But do you remember what is was like to start school for the first time, in grade 1? (I only remember the mortifying haircut I still haven’t forgiven my mother for.) Well, this week we’re swapping coffee for cereal to hear from Logan (and a bit from his mom), as he begins first grade at Colorado’s South Lakewood Elementary School. OK, so this first question is usually about coffee. But I'm guessing you haven't tried that yet. So what's your favorite breakfast food and drink to get you ready for school? Cereal and milk and...raspberries. Sometimes waffles, too. I'm a hungry boy. My favorite cereal is Lucky Charms, but I usually only get that on weekends. I do like Cheerios and bananas before school. First grade is kind of the big time now. What do you think will be different from kindergarten? Is it better (so far)? I don't have the same teacher. I think it will be better, actually...I am not sure because I will really miss Ms. Graeve. She made kindergarten fun. But I think we will learn more in first grade. We have desks now! AND we get to be on the computer EVERY day. What do you think makes a good teacher? I don't know...I guess how much they teach us. But they also have to learn all our names first and what we like. And a good teacher makes sure we know all the rules and how to stay safe. Amy, What makes a good teacher to you and what's the most important thing you want from Logan's school? A good teacher is patient, positive and passionate. It makes such a difference when a teacher is willing to get to know and challenge each student. I appreciate the diversity and the "real life" lessons that South Lakewood Elementary provides. (The school won the Jan Harp Domene Diversity and Inclusion Award). I think it’s important for Logan to learn to think for himself, seek solutions to problems and be encouraged to innovate. How about homework, Logan? Get much of that? No, not really. Well not yet. We do have to read a book every night. But I like reading, so that's good. I do my worksheets as fast as I can, so I have time to play outside. What do you think the right amount of homework is? One page...well, actually five pages because that's about as much as I can do. One of the kids in my class says his brother has to do homework for 10 hours! What's your favorite thing to do when you're not in school? Go swimming or play video games. We all like to play Minecraft, but I like playing Madden, too. I'm sad because the outside swimming pool closes when school starts, but I do want to go to the Apex Center soon.
Michael Vaughn
Michael Vaughn was the founding Communications Director of Education Post. Prior to that, Mike worked for 18 years in the communications offices of two urban school districts. He served in a variety of communications roles for the Chicago Public Schools starting in 1996, shortly after Mayor Richard M. Daley took control of CPS, and eventually served as the district's Communications Director until ...

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