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Burris’ Abrupt End to an Honest Conversation

President of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute Michael Petrilli and award-winning Long Island principal Carol Burris have been in an ongoing debate on the Common Core State Standards.

However, that healthy discussion was shut down yesterday when Burris decided she wasn’t up for the conversation anymore and “blocked” Petrilli on Twitter.

Many know the story well, but for those not well-versed in the Petrilli-Burris Common Core debate, the rise of this conversation began at NPR’s Intelligence Squared U.S. debate back in September.

Petrilli, accompanied by Center for American Progress’ Carmel Martin, went back and forth with Burris, and American Enterprise Institute’s Rick Hess, on the standards.

“Are they age appropriate?” “What’s the evidence behind college-and-career readiness?”—were a few of the points discussed in their discourse.

Education Post’s Ann Whalen also jumped into the fray on our blog.

The Debate Escalates

But what started as a civil debate turned into a heated Twitter war between Petrilli and Burris.

Yesterday, Fordham Institute posted its follow-up to some of Burris’ questions on Common Core math which revived September’s debate, but this time, on Twitter.

After a few hours of online discourse, Burris decided she had enough and pulled the plug on the conversation.

Sadly, what was an ongoing and honest (although somewhat contentious) conversation was shut down.

It’s an example of how the current conversation around improving public education is holding us back.

We need less “blocking” and more listening.

Hanna Grace Frank
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