Blog Series Amplifies the Voices of Teachers of Color

This will be the first year in America that white students are not the majority of the student body. However, the diversity of teachers is still lagging. There's plenty of talk about the need for more teachers of color, but action hasn't been so quick to follow. Young Education Professionals-Twin Cities wrapped up a  three-part blog by Minnesota teacher Tom Rademacher and former teacher Mitra Jalali Nelson that amplified the voices of former teachers of color. The blogs highlight these teachers' achievements in the classroom and also how their race affected their relationships with students.
Alexei’s class became a special place in the high school, one that encouraged growth and the honest sharing of artwork.  Students took social and emotional risks and grew together.  His room became one of few places in the school where many kids of color felt safe to express themselves fully.
Hanna Grace Frank
Hanna Frank was Education Post’s Social Media Manager and before that she worked with Organizing For Action, a non-profit organization that advocates for President Barack Obama’s political agenda. She wrote and edited content for the organization’s various social media platforms, including the official Barack Obama Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as BarackObama.com. Hanna attended Illinois ...

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