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Black Students in Pennsylvania are Displaced and Assigned to Another Failing School

Jonathan Cetel, Executive Director of PennCan, has a piece up at The Seventy Four that exposes an ugly side of a pervasive  and ingrained culture of low expectations i. When no suburban districts were willing to open their doors to the displaced students of Wilkinsburg, PA, most of whom are African American,  almost no one batted an eye or protested their placement in yet another failing school. The author contends that this would never happen if the displaced students were white.
No, here is the real boogeyman — a subtle but virulent form of racism that leads to complacency and low expectations for students of color. That culture of low expectations that has become so deep, so ingrained, that we've got to concede the fact that many Wilkinsburg families liked this deal. Just as there's no way a police officer would ever remove a white student from her desk and classroom with that level of violence, there's no way a community would ever support placing white kids into the worst high school in an entire city.  

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