Teacher Voice

These Arizona Teachers are Loving Common Core

Three Arizona teachers from Heritage Elementary are excited and inspired by the Common Core. They love that the new standards provide concrete guidelines as to what their students are expected to learn and enable children to surpass grade-level academic goals. Ellen O’Loughlin, a fifth grade teacher, is happy to connect her curriculum to her students’ lives.
Common Core Standards have positively impacted my teaching methods. Students are learning in a variety of ways and being taught how to think more critically about their lessons. I love the “real-world” component where students and teachers relate all lessons back to their personal experience. We are teaching life-long learning instead of treating education like a passing phase in life.
Hanna Grace Frank
Hanna Frank was Education Post’s Social Media Manager and before that she worked with Organizing For Action, a non-profit organization that advocates for President Barack Obama’s political agenda. She wrote and edited content for the organization’s various social media platforms, including the official Barack Obama Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as BarackObama.com. Hanna attended Illinois ...

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