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Achievement Gap

Another Reason It's Not About Charter Vs District Schools: There's No Monopoly On Challenging Students With Educational Opportunities

CRPE's Michael DeArmond digs into the data in their recent report, "Measuring Up: Educational Improvement and Opportunity in 50 Cities," to learn a little more about what the 'Beating the Odds' schools - those schools in which disadvantaged students were equally challenged and exposed to high-quality opportunities. He finds that it's easy to identify the cities with more of these schools than others, but it's less clear whether we should expect those schools to be charter or traditional district schools.
In Newark, 86 percent of all charter school enrollments were in “beat the odds” schools. By contrast, about a quarter of all district enrollments were in “beat the odds” schools, suggesting that, on average, the charter sector is more likely to provide enrollment in a “beat the odds” school than the district sector in the city. In Cincinnati, the two sectors look more similar. About 38 percent of enrollments in charter schools and about 33 percent of enrollment in district schools were “beating the odds” in math; in reading, the percentages are also similar. Neither sector is outpacing the other in terms of providing “beat the odds” enrollments.

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