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An Inconvenient Truth About Obama's Testing Plan

Laura Waters, education writer and NJ school board member, has penned a piece calling out the disingenuous motives of the anti-testing and opt-out movements. She makes a compelling case (using exact quotes) that those who actively fight against testing are really only concerned about their own job security despite the pretense that kids' well being is at the heart of their disapproval.
Why, after all, would many of those who feign concern about overtesting greet a proposal for testing reduction with fearful jibes? Because much of the opt-out movement has nothing to do with student welfare and everything to do with teacher job security. If we strip the pretense from the presumption that state-led efforts toward higher standards and accountability have led to an epidemic of student stress, then the opt-out movement, even among its primary constituency of wealthy suburban parents, loses its vigor.
Laura Waters
Laura Waters is the founder and managing editor of New Jersey Education Report, formerly a senior writer/editor with brightbeam. Laura writes about New Jersey and New York education policy and politics. As the daughter of New York City educators and parent of a son with special needs, she writes frequently about the need to listen to families and ensure access to good public school options for ...

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