Ikhlas Saleem

A Roundup of #BlackMaleEducators

Last night Education Post hosted a Twitter chat on the topic of #BlackMaleEducators. Currently, Black males represent only 2% of the teaching force. Only 2%! That’s a problem. And as one of our featured participants, Chicago Public Schools Principal Robert Croston, says, “The need for more Black male teachers is not just a Black student’s need; it is an American student’s need.” In just one hour we managed to solve the problem. Okay, maybe not. But in that hour we did collect stories, experiences and models for how to address the need for more #BlackMaleEducators and how we can attract more Black males to answer the call and teach.

Here's some highlights from the chat:

We started the conversation by asking for stories of #BlackMaleEducators who have inspired us. https://twitter.com/cdionejones/status/760983023168790528 https://twitter.com/1robcee/status/760982906605035521   And then there’s the reality that some go through school without ever having a Black male teacher: https://twitter.com/tiffanymjewell/status/760984105601368068

Still don’t know why we need more #BlackMaleEducators? Here’s some reasons why: https://twitter.com/MrDavidJohns/status/760984482824462337 https://twitter.com/MrMcGuire_Teach/status/760985069888507905 https://twitter.com/darylhowardphd/status/760984690085994496   Okay, so there’s clearly a need but how do we attract more Black males? https://twitter.com/ASamuels297A/status/760986547747426305 https://twitter.com/Development_Guy/status/760987395001122816 https://twitter.com/1robcee/status/760988255936471041   Amen to that!   Who’s doing the work, though? https://twitter.com/BlackScholarONL/status/760992029480325120 https://twitter.com/selmekki/status/760992144966451200 https://twitter.com/caragerber/status/760992428497182722 https://twitter.com/BlakeNathannn/status/760993230389469189 https://twitter.com/MrDavidJohns/status/760992970300596224 https://twitter.com/JabaliSawicki/status/760994163441733632   And then sometimes you’re just out there by yourself in need of a lifeline: https://twitter.com/DrStuR/status/760994219754303488   We ended asking, "How do we BEST leverage the voices of #BlackMaleEducators?" https://twitter.com/Development_Guy/status/760995274869338112 https://twitter.com/MrDavidJohns/status/760995557041209344 https://twitter.com/th3urbanscholar/status/760996078078484480 Missed the Twitter chat? It’s never too late to add to the conversation using #BlackMaleEducators.

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