9 Stories That Will Teach You a Thing or Two About School Choice

Jan 24, 2017 12:00:00 AM

by Kimberly De Guzman

It’s National #SchoolChoiceWeek, which is a weeklong campaign held every January to celebrate that education is not one-size-fits-all and that children have different learning styles—so we need to provide all of our families with a range of high-quality schools and empower them to find the right fit for their child. With more than 20,000 events across the country and over 16,000 schools hosting activities, #SCW has become “ the world’s largest annual celebration of opportunity in education” and works to raise awareness of all types of education options for children. So in honor of School Choice Week 2017, do a little dance and check out these 9 stories from parents, teachers, students and charter school leaders about choice and the impact of a great school. 1. Thank You, Mom and School Choice, for Saving Me From Ninth Grade by Mariah Diaz

Throughout elementary and middle school, Mariah got good grades and did well in school. But once high school hit, her motivation for success started fading. Here’s what happened when Mariah’s mom took matters into her own hands. 2. Black, Proud and Pro-School Choice: Sorry I’m Not Sorry by Jeremiah Grace

After the NAACP passed its moratorium on charter schools, Jeremiah had a message for Black families: “You can be Black. You can be proud. And you can be in support of school choice.” 3. We Got Rid of ‘No-Excuses‘ Discipline and Student Achievement Has Never Been Higher by Marsha Gadsden

The Beatles once said, “All you need is love.” And that message couldn’t be any truer than at Brooklyn Ascend Middle School, where love is a core feature of the school’s culture. Here’s what happened after teachers started fostering positive relationships with students and encouraged them to unleash their potential. 4. You Graduated From a Private School. Now You Oppose School Choice. It’s Not Cute. by Chris Stewart

Education activist and parent Chris Stewart gets real honest about folks who have benefitted from school choice only to later “turn their backs on extending the same opportunities to others.” 5. Think You Know Who Supports Charter Schools? Here Are 35 Names That Will Surprise You by Marianne Lombardo

This post by Marianne and friends at Democrats For Education Reform (DFER) debunks some common misconceptions about charter schools, including accountability and transparency rules when it comes to charters. 6. I Believe in School Choice But It Should Be Public School Choice by Katelyn Silva

In this post about the importance of quality and accountability, Katelyn takes a look at Betsy DeVos, President Trump’s education secretary pick, and DeVos’ stance on vouchers. She lays out why school choice is different than public school choice. 7. How Martin Luther King Jr. Drives My Passion for School Choice by David McGuire

David recently reflected on the legacy of Dr. King and how the civil rights leader has inspired him to work towards equity and providing a quality education on behalf of all children. 8. This Nashville Teacher and Dad Is Living Proof of the Importance of School Choice by Zack Barnes

“School choice isn’t just about charter schools, but allowing students to attend the schools that help them thrive, regardless of zip code.” That’s the message Jason, a Nashville teacher and father of three, strongly believes in, and his story shows why it’s important for families to have access to options. 9. Here’s Why School Choice Is the Only Choice for Many Working Parents by Marilyn Rhames

Marilyn’s daughter got into a good magnet school close to home, but thanks to lack of transportation and crazy schedules, it was impossible for her to attend. As a mom and working professional, Marilyn reflects on how school choice is the only option for parents who commute a distance to work.

Kimberly De Guzman

Kimberly De Guzman is an English teacher in Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea. Previously, she served as the Social Media Manager at Education Post. Prior to joining Education Post, she worked as a Digital Editor for the Sun Times Network, where she oversaw the social media accounts for a number of city-based and special topic websites and created original content for a national entertainment website. Originally born in Chicago, Kim grew up in Las Vegas and is a product of the Clark County School District. Kim has a journalism degree from Loyola University Chicago. Outside of work, she enjoys reading, photography and baking.

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