Hanna Frank

6 Things Sesame Street Taught Us, and 1 It Didn’t

Believe it or not, Sesame Street is now 45 years old. Wow, did they age well. We thought we’d commemorate by recounting some of the great things we’ve learned from our Sesame Street family over the years.

1. Counting

The Count Most of us here credit the Count for teaching us how to count to 10, maybe even 20. Thanks, Count von Count!

2. Letters

kermit_k Thanks, Grover and Kermit, for showing us how straight lines make letters and so much more. Hugely helpful to know.

3. Self-Esteem

Elmo Sesame Street taught us so much more than just basic academics. They gave us lessons on life—like loving ourselves and each other for who we are.

4. To Be Brave…and Realistic

Brave Remember when you used to feel scared? Nothing better than the reassuring words of Super Grover.

5. Be Honest

fox  fox_2 Probably the most valuable lesson for a child. A lesson in truth telling isn't anything to sneeze at.

6. To Dance!

dance1 Probably our favorite lesson of all. Just dance. dance2 And dance. dance3 And dance. dance4

However, there is one thing we didn't learn.

bigbird But that's okay, there's still time! Happy birthday, Sesame Street! And many more to come!
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