4 Things Every Parent Needs to Know Before Sending Your Kids Back to School

Back-to-school time is a hectic and often stressful part of everyone’s year. Students, parents and teachers alike are bombarded with lists of what and what not to do, what kind of supplies they need to get through the school year and advice columns from people who’ve been there before. While those columns are often essential pieces to prepare you, these things can blend together and your eyes may begin to glaze over. School is meant to be something special and occasionally fun. Sometimes you need advice that’s a little less about choosing markers and a little more about how to get your kid(s) through the school year. With that in mind, Education Post has you covered. We've already covered what students need to know. Now it's your turn, parents. Don't think we've forgotten about you, either, teachers. You're up next.

Tips for parents

1. If there are multiple kids in the family, make sure they each designate their lunches. Screwing this up, even if it’s not your fault, will land you to parent/guardian jail.
via GIPHY 2. For drying out markers, remember: Dipping them in water can prolong their usefulness, if only briefly. When you don’t have time to make a school supplies run, this trick will save you an extra day or two.
via GIPHY 3. Crayon sharpeners are the bee’s knees. If you can spare the cash for one of those mega boxes with the crayon sharpeners built into them, do it. It will be appreciated. Just be sure to make the kids clean up the crayon shavings after they sharpen them, because who wants their carpets to become “decorated” with multicolored wax?
via GIPHY 4. You’re allowed (encouraged?) to bribe your children at times. Tell them they can sleep longer each morning if they lay out their school clothes for every day of the week. No decision-panic on the morning before school begins and everyone will be slightly more rested. Win-win.
Rob Samuelson
Rob Samuelson is a Staff Writer at Education Post and Digital Media Manager for the brightbeam network.

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