Hanna Frank

4 Reasons Halloween Is More Fun When You’re a Kid

  For many of us, today is just another work day. But remember when you actually were a kid? Halloween was the best.
  1. Costume Parade

skunk g iphy Dressing up when you're in school was just more fun. And the best part was the school costume parade. It meant everyone at your school, (i.e., the whole world) would see the costume you've been talking about since last Christmas. Plus, if you were so inclined, maybe you got to wear make-up. For 8-year-old me, that was pretty exciting!  
  1. Free Candy

candy   giphy No further explanation needed.    
  1. Class Halloween Parties

party giphy The school day ended early, there were pumpkin shaped crafts galore and halloween cupcakes that usually came with plastic spider toppers that instantly became friendship rings. What's not to love?  
  1. Trick-or-treating

wine While I still contend that adults should be allowed to trick-or-treat (yes, I'm referring to myself), it was definitely more fun when you were a kid. A pillowcase full of candy felt like you were swimming in Willy Wonka's chocolate river. Those were the days.   meangirlsgiphy Happy Halloween from Education Post! And remember, no one wants popcorn balls.  
Hanna Grace Frank
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