Episode 01: How’d You Get Into Education Anyway?

Welcome to the first episode of Voices4ED, an Education Post podcast where we bring in voices of students, parents and teachers to talk about what’s really happening in our public schools. Hosted by Ikhlas Saleem and Lane Wright of Education Post, they open up this first episode by talking about how each of our hosts got into the field of public education. They chat about their earlier experiences with education in their K-12 years, and why everyone should be invested in good public schools. [spp-player url=http://traffic.libsyn.com/voices4ed/01_-_Voices4ED_-_Education_Post_-_Howd_You_Get_Into_Education_Anyway.mp3] [spp-tweet tweet="I started seeing, in the faces of real people, what (public education) means for families outside of my own. - @lanewrightme"]

Episode Details:

  • What Ikhlas and Lane do for Education Post 00:23
  • How people used to choose schools, and remembering the K-12 years of our hosts 3:15
  • Why we talk a lot about school choice at Education Post 10:03
  • When Ikhlas became interested in public education 11:58
  • Why Lane got into making schools better after working for Florida's governor 15:48
  • Why good public education should be in everyone’s interest 20:20
[spp-tweet tweet="We owe it to these communities to be able to provide good schools. - @i_saleem"]

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