Episode 22: Live From the Black Male Educators Convening (Part II feat. Peggy Brookins)

This is the second of two episodes from the Black Male Educators Convening (BMEC) in Philadelphia. In this episode, we talk to high school student Noor Bowman about her experience going to school in Philadelphia. We also talk to Peggy Brookins, CEO of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (or the Navy Seals of teachers as Lane calls it) about why board certification is so important and how we can encourage more teachers to become certified. [spp-player url=http://traffic.libsyn.com/voices4ed/22_-_Education_Post_-_BMEC_part_II.mp3] [spp-tweet tweet="“If we get to learn about different cultures through our teachers, that can help us shape our perspectives about people going into the world.” – Noor Bowman"]

Episode Details:

  • Noor's experience in Philadelphia Schools
  • Why diversity of teachers is great for students
  • What it means for a teacher to be board-certified
  • The difference in teachers pre and post-certification
  • Why it's not common for teachers to be board-certified
  • How Peggy's work aligns with the mission of the BMEC
  • How Peggy is working to get 1 million teachers board-certified by 2030
  • Why Peggy has dedicated her life to education

Links Mentioned:

[spp-tweet tweet="“I believe that any teacher has it in them to meet a certain level of standard with the right supports in place.” – Peggy Brookins"]

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