Episode 20: We Talk About Florida and the Charter School Beatdown (feat. Sam Duell)

In this episode, we speak with Sam Duell, Associate Policy Director for Charter Schools at the Foundation for Excellence in Education. We bust common myths about charter school policy as well as discuss how to resolve the long-standing battle between traditional public schools and charter schools. Sam Duell is the Associate Policy Director for Charter Schools at ExcelinEd. Prior to this, he was a special education teacher, a school and central office administrator, and the Executive Director of School Choice at Oklahoma’s department of education and the Managing Director of OPSRC’s Education Collaborative. [spp-player url=http://traffic.libsyn.com/voices4ed/20_-_Education_Post_-_ExcelinEd.mp3] [spp-tweet tweet="“If you provide quality opportunities and you allow those opportunities to be open to anyone, whether that’s a charter school or an excellent traditional public school, then maybe we can come together.” – Sam Duell on segregation"]

Episode Details:

  • On the Integrity Florida report about charter schools
  • Should we be concerned about accountability in charter schools?
  • Is there a way that public schools and charters schools can peacefully coexist?
  • How Sam brings his experience as a teacher into his current work
  • Are charter schools making segregation worse?

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[spp-tweet tweet="“In my opinion, if charter schools are not accountable in Florida, that’s not the fault of policy. That’s the fault of the local school board for not overseeing the charter school effectively.” – Sam Duell"]

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