Episode 19: Football and Literacy (feat. Vesia Wilson-Hawkins)

In this episode, we sit down with our colleague Vesia Wilson-Hawkins to discuss what it would be like if parents got as fired up about literacy as they do at their kid’s soccer game. Vesia tells us about what inspired her recent article on the same topic, the disconnect in parent’s perceptions of their child’s academic performance and reality, and how coaches and athletes could be instrumental in advocating for better education. Vesia Wilson-Hawkins is a former Metro Nashville Public Schools student, parent and staffer. She is a staunch advocate for better public school options, particularly for the Black community in her hometown. She doesn’t care if that school is run through a charter or is managed by the district, as long as it is providing a good option for the families who for too long have been underserved. [spp-player url=http://traffic.libsyn.com/voices4ed/19_-_Education_Post_-_Football_and_Literacy.mp3] [spp-tweet tweet="“The expectations we have on the field are sometimes completely different than the expectations we have in the classroom. When we’re talking about education in the public sphere, why aren’t we as real about it when people are talking about sports?” - Vesia Wilson-Hawkins"]

Episode Details:

  • What motivated Vesia to write her article about football and literacy
  • Nashville's alarming literacy statistics
  • The public's reaction to Vesia’s article
  • How coaches and athletes can advocate for literacy

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[spp-tweet tweet="“Obviously, we all care about our kids. So maybe apply some of the same energy that you’ve got here at the little league game to what they’re doing in school.” - Lane Wright"]