Episode 17: We Talk About 'America to Me' (ft. LeeAndra Khan and Tracy Dell’Angela)

In this episode we chat about the STARZ docuseries "America to Me" which examines racial, economic and class issues at Oak Park River Forest High School in Oak Park, Illinois. We talk to LeeAndra Khan and Tracy Dell'Angela about how racial inequity still plagues schools across the country, even in highly integrated communities. LeeAndra Khan is CEO of Civitas Education Partners. Previously she served as a middle school principal in Oak Park, Illinois, and formerly spent 10 years in three Chicago high schools as a principal, assistant principal and math teacher. Tracy Dell’Angela is a writer, executive director of Oak Park Education Foundation and a mom passionate about education improvements. Tracy is the mother of an Oak Park River Forest High School graduate and resides with her husband in Oak Park, Illinois. [spp-player url=http://traffic.libsyn.com/voices4ed/17_-_Education_Post_-_America_to_Me.mp3] [spp-tweet tweet="Many education bureaucracies are cultures of fear. At the first sign that parents are going to complain or if there’s going to be any blowback, I think what tends to happen is those leaders, they fear for their jobs, they fear for their careers and they start to retreat. – Tracy Dell'Angela"]

Episode Details:

  • Why people need to watch "America to Me"
  • Tracy’s kids’ experience with Oak Park public schools
  • How racial inequity persists even in very integrated communities
  • How we can start having productive conversations about racial inequity in public schools
  • On Leeandra’s experience as a principal of color in Oak Park
  • The problem with tracking based on academic ability
  • Is integration still worth it?

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[spp-tweet tweet="Once a student has been given the moniker of 'gifted', it never comes off of them. And to the converse, if you've never been given the moniker, you never get to get it. – LeeAndra Khan"]