Episode 16: Back To School (ft. Samantha Brown Olivieri)

There are many ways that parents can engage with their kids’ education. However there are few resources available to help parents make the biggest possible impact. Often, the most significant resource provided to parents is a back-to-school shopping list! In this episode, we interview Samantha Brown Olivieri, chief strategy officer at GreatSchools, about how parents can ensure their children are receiving a quality education on both individual and systemic levels. We talk about school supply list policies, the merits of educational standards, and the most important things that parents can provide to their kids. [spp-player url=http://traffic.libsyn.com/voices4ed/16_-_Education_Post_-_Back_To_School.mp3] [spp-tweet tweet="In clear, accessible language that avoids jargon, we should help parents understand what they should expect from their schools and provide clear answers about how their schools are doing. – Samantha Brown Olivieri"]

Episode Details:

  • How Samantha was inspired to write her article
  • On the lack of resources for parents to make informed decisions about their kids’ education
  • Do schools trust parents to help?
  • On the resources parents should have access to
  • Why educational standards are so helpful to parents
  • Samantha’s advice for parents taking their kids back to school this fall

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