Episode 10: What Every First-Generation College Student Needs to Know

In this episode, we explore the experiences and struggles of first-generation college students. First, we hear from our colleague Valentina, Education Post’s chief of staff, about her experience as a first-generation college student. Then, we speak with a current first-generation student, Leticia, and a staff member from the OneGoal organization, Melissa. OneGoal is a coalition of teachers, students, school leaders, and education advocates that work to close the college degree divide that has been preventing millions of students from accessing a life of choice and opportunity. They help students from under-served communities get into college and make sure that they graduate. [spp-player url=http://traffic.libsyn.com/voices4ed/10_-_Education_Post_-_OneGoal.mp3]

Episode Details:

  • Why Valentina chose a career in education [4:18]
  • Valentina’s college application experience [7:00]
  • The danger of loan consolidation programs [9:20]
  • How Valentina will prepare her own kids for college [14:50]
  • Valentina’s advice for first-generation college students [16:56]
  • Why Melissa chose a career in education [18:49]
  • What Leticia’s first day of college was like [21:31]
  • How OneGoal prepares students to get past the first day of college [25:35]
  • How OneGoal helped Leticia [28:00]
  • On the pressure that many first-generation college students feel to succeed [37:40]
  • How we need to expand the definition of what college is, so that we setup first-generation students for success [48:21]
[spp-tweet tweet="“There are so many components of being successful in your first semester of college that we all know but don’t necessarily articulate and share with students.” – Melissa"]

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