Episode 03: Why We Need More Black Male Educators (ft. Sharif El-Mekki and Vincent Cobb II)

Ikhlas and Lane attended  The Inaugural National Black Male Educators Convening in Philly earlier this month hosted by The Fellowship: Black Male Educators for Social Justice. They got to hear from Black male educators from around the country on why they came to the convening and what we can do to get more Black male educators in the classroom. They also talk to organizers of the event,  Vincent Cobb II and  Sharif El-Mekki, about why they planned the event, how to create a conversation beyond Black male educators themselves, and what parents and students can learn from the event. [spp-player url=http://traffic.libsyn.com/voices4ed/03_-_Voices4ED_-_Education_Post_-_Black_Male_Educators.mp3] [spp-tweet tweet="When you bring #BlackMaleEducators into a space where they get to interact, it’s a different dynamic.—@selmekki"]

Episode Details:

  • Can you guess how many Black male educators Ikhlas and Lane have had? 0:34
  • Black male educators from around the country tell us how to get more Black male educators in the classroom 5:04
  • Lane and Ikhlas' key takeaways from the conference and what they’ve learned 9:37
  • We talk to co-founders of The Fellowship and Convening organizers, Vincent Cobb II and Sharif El-Mekki 12:15
  • How to get other people to care about why we need more Black male educators 16:16
  • What you can bring back home from the Convening 20:19
  • What they wish they would have done differently 23:17
[spp-tweet tweet="“We want to make sure professional development isn’t just content, it’s also consciousness.” #BlackMaleEducators"]

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